Services offered:
Personalized on-site dental hygiene care for my clients.
Comprehensive educational sessions for those working in long-term/palliative care.
A dental hygiene appointment can consist of:
Assessment of the oral condition of the mouth.
Removal of excess food/debris, caused by food pocketing, or pouching, or because of inability to perform effective daily oral care.
Scaling of the teeth to remove calculus (tartar buildup).
Flossing, interproximal (between-the-teeth) cleaning, cleaning around crowns / under bridges.
Brushing / cleaning teeth, tongue and oral tissues.
Moisturizing and general freshening of the mouth.

Cleaning of dentures and under dentures.
Application of tooth desensitizing agent and/or fluoride varnish, where indicated.
Identify creative solutions for cleaning in difficult areas, or for specific ways to modify daily cleaning, so the client or caregiver can perform effective mouth care.
Educate the client / caregiver about their oral care relative to specific medical conditions / medications.
Referral to appropriate services, and follow-up care.


All services are delivered in-home, in-residence, or in hospital. Clients may be mobile, or confined to bed.
They may have trouble swallowing, rinsing/spitting, or keeping their mouths open; I am still able to perform my service, and spend as much time as it takes. I do not use any heavy, noisy equipment - I effectively perform all services by hand, with good old-fashioned TLC.


Assessment (includes any of: assessment, cleaning/freshening of the mouth/dentures (NO SCALING), oral care plan/recommendations: $65.00

Regular appointment (includes any of: assessment, full scaling and freshening, fluoride, brushing aids, report/recommendations): $110.00
This fee applies to all return appointments of 3 months or more, and is set regardless of time taken to perform all treatment.

2-month interval appointment: $95.00

1-month interval appointment: $85.00

Travel surcharge:
31 min. - 45 min. travel time (as per Google Maps): $10.00

More than 45 min. travel time (as per Google Maps): $20.00


I accept payment directly from my clients. I am able to issue an insurance claim form, for you to submit, and receive reimbursement from your insurance company.

I am also able to see clients who receive benefits from ODSP and from NIHB.

Educational workshops/presentations:

Of interest to health care professionals, caregivers/aides, social workers in long term care and in palliative care settings.

Up to 1 hour: $200