About me:
35 years of clinical experience in private practice, public health service, and teaching.
7 years as owner of A Breath of Fresh Air Oral Hygiene Services.
Volunteer weekly at the Dr. Bob Kemp Center for Palliative Care, implementing oral plans of care for each resident, and providing comfortable mouth care at end-of-life.
Volunteered with Kindness in Action / Tibetan Village Project for two weeks in June, 2015, delivering dental and hygiene services to villagers in Tibet.
I offer an experienced, practical approach to daily oral care. I am patient and gentle, and I work hard to make my clients understand their own oral care needs, as well as how to accomplish good daily care.

"Have Smile, Will Travel" The Hamilton Spectator Click here to read the article.

"Dear Karen,
Thank you so much for being able to visit Mom at home again for her oral care. You have such a nice gentle but professional manner with Mom which makes it such a positive experience for her.
Knowing that you are there to keep an eye on her oral health plus educate us on her oral needs is such a relief for us as we don’t know what we would do if she needed to go outside to a dentist’s office.
Thanks again,
Diane and John

(Diane Arrell, partner, Moving Plus Inc. – trusted senior move management company. www.movingplus.ca)

"Karen has been providing oral care for Don on a regular basis for the last few years and this care has been invaluable. We felt confident with Karen from the start as she was also providing oral care for other patients with ALS and had a very good understanding of Don's illness, it's challenges and the associated safety concerns. Karen has also taken the time to get to know Don and his individual needs. With issues such as an inability to speak, swallow or breath in certain positions this understanding is clearly imperative for Don's safety." Susan V.

"Mom is 90 years of age, cannot walk, is unable to speak and can only consume pureed foods due to previous strokes and heart attacks.
I had met Karen as a fellow volunteer at the Bob Kemp Hospice here in Hamilton. After discussions with Karen, I decided to obtain Karen's Oral Hygiene Services to do some dental cleaning for Mom.
At first I was a little hesitant if Mom would be capable of having someone work in her mouth for an extended period of time. I decided to schedule Karen and to see what she could do for Mom.
Karen has an unbelievable way with elderly people, and immediately won my Mother's confidence over. Mom allowed Karen to brush, scale, floss and remove most of the calculus from her teeth. Mom permitted Karen to work on her teeth for over an hour and she enjoyed every minute. Karen kept asking Mom if she wanted her to continue several times, and the answer was always yes, with a smile.
Mom had always taken good care of her teeth with regular checkups, and she indicated that it was so nice to have her mouth feeling so fresh and clean again. I even felt it helped her speech.
Karen also gave us tips on what type of tooth brush and toothpaste her residence should be using on a daily basis.
I would strongly recommend Karen and her services to anyone who has an elderly parent in a Nursing Home, or someone who is unable to get to a Dentist office due to mobility issues."

–Paul Simington

"I just wanted to thank you for your thorough analysis of my mom's teeth and mouth...I feel so much better knowing you are going every few weeks to look after her..."

"Jack's smile is especially bright today! Karen Kiely is a registered dental hygienist who has her own business, specializing in bedside long-term/palliative care and she came to our house and cleaned and scaled his teeth. She was so kind and gentle and professional. Jack warned her that he is a gagger and she managed to get through it all gag free! We've known Karen for over twenty years and highly recommend her services to anyone who is shut-in, in a nursing home, retirement home or disabled and unable to get out to see a dentist. "
– From the web blog "Jack's ALS Journey"
Written by Lena, whose husband, Jack was diagnosed with ALS.

“Karen is a true advocate for her clients. She is sought out by the residents of the hospice, for the excellence in care that she provides. Karen’s expertise is enhanced by her quiet, gentle, confident disposition. Her teaching skills have been demonstrated in educational forums provided at McMaster University’s Dept. of Family Medicine, and at the Hospice Palliative Care Provincial Conferences.”
Teri Crockford, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Dr. Bob Kemp Centre for Hospice Palliative Care

From page 4 of Spectator insert
"Compassionate Care That Celebrates Life"
Dr. Bob Kemp Centre for Hospice Palliative Care
(with permission)

"In February of this year, a 74-year-old gentleman was admitted to the Hospice with a life expectancy of days to weeks. He had a complicated history of prostate cancer and had recently received a dose of chemotherapy, due to his progressing disease. He had a reaction to the chemotherapy, which caused him to be admitted with numerous medical issues, including painful sores in his mouth.
When assessed for admission to Hospice in his private hospital room, he was unable to speak and had difficulty with chewing his food and swallowing, due to the mouth sores. His wife had to be contacted by phone, to provide consent and more detailed information regarding her husband, as he was incapable of providing it himself.
On admission to Hospice, a thorough mouth care assessment and plan of care was conducted by Karen Kiely, our volunteer Registered Dental Hygienist, who provides this complimentary service for our residents one half-day per week.
It is well documented that poor oral health hygiene has been known to contribute to decreased communication, decreased oral intake, susceptibility to aspiration pneumonia and depression.
Through diligent mouth care by staff and family, appropriate medication and weekly follow-up with our own hygienist, this resident found his voice. He was able to enjoy and request specific food choices, engage in meaningful conversations with family, friends and staff. He was also able to seek clarification with his oncologist, regarding his reaction to his previous chemotherapy, and discuss appropriate goals of care.
Through assessment, treatment, and delivery of appropriate oral hygiene, this resident was able to enjoy his remaining days and rallied to live well beyond the days to weeks originally predicted.
It is worthwhile to note that this innovative plan of mouth care in a residential hospice has been a research project of the hospice under the direction of Teri Crockford, Clinical Nurse Specialist. She has partnered with Karen and fourth year nursing students from the McMaster University School of Nursing. This research and plan of care project has been the foundation of continuing education at both the local and provincial level. "