Are you in a long term care residence, or in your own home, and experiencing
"the gap" in access to good dental care?

Have you, or a loved one, found it more and more difficult to look after daily oral care, due to:
Increased frailty and/or decreased mobility
Lengthy hospital stay
Onset of disease
Inability to continue with dental visits
We are living longer, and we are keeping our natural teeth longer. It has become more important than ever to maintain good oral health.

From the daughter of a client:
"I just wanted to thank you for your thorough analysis of my mom's teeth and mouth...I feel so much better knowing you are going every few weeks to look after her...
I also wanted to let you know that one of the care givers at (long-term care residence) pulled me aside the other night to tell me how impressed they are with your work and also with the way you deal not only with my mom but the staff as well...She said you are so kind and so patient and she has never experienced anyone like you! She said she went to her management team to tell them how helpful you have been and how the good tips you shared with them are actually working and being put to use with other made me feel so good! I thought it would make you feel even better so I wanted to share it with you! :-)
Take care, Angie"

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